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Religious Education program (CCD)

Archdiocesan Goal - Office for Religious Education

Putting adults, youth and children in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ through lifelong catechesis for discipleship in and through the Catholic church. 

The Parish School of Religion is designed to reinforce the parental religious education and spiritual formation of children, especially those who are enrolled in public schools by:
                         Proclaiming the Word of God.
                         Studying & living Church doctrine as Jesus taught so as to make
                         responsible choices.
                         Preparing the students to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation,
                         Holy Eucharist & Confirmation.

Specific Objectives of the CCD program:

1. Develop a deep and life-giving relationship with God through prayer and active participation in the sacraments.
2. Respond in faith to the redeeming love of Jesus Christ on the cross.
3. Seek & trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit for their lives.
4. Know & learn the bible as the Living Word of God.
5. Recognize themselves as children of God and grow as His followers.


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